First time being hospitalized

It was December 2012 at St.Anthony Hospital on the West of Chicago. I remember being so confused. I had a roommate and she was really sick not just the mind but physical. We barely had groups they drug us up and feed us. They realize I was different because I asked questions. Like, what is the rules? Where are the toiletries? When can we use the showers? Can I get some clean towels and gowns? What kind of medicine are you giving me and what the side effects? They treat us like children. Almost as if, you brought this on yourself. I didn’t ask to be here. I didn’t understand what was going on with my body. When I finally saw the doctor I was so drugged up I don’t know what I was saying. I know I mention several people that died. I couldn’t talk he about the voices in my head so he diagnoses me as major depression with psychotic features. They put me on Saphris one horrible drug. It was originally made in 2010 for the military. I started to gain weight. I was dizzy all the time and I had to go back to the hospital after being released because I was dehydrated. The medicine was crappy so my new doctor took me off. I didn’t trust the medicine and I was horrified by the side effects. After being omitted I walking into depression which lasted for a year. The worst year of my life.

What was your first experience like when you hospitalized?

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