Battling Weight Gain

I am extremely frustrated with my weight I went from 189 to 312 since I been on medication in 2012. I hate it so much. My doctor always says that it’s better to be mentally healthy then to worry about how much I weigh. When I stopped taking meds my weight dropped tremendously. My medical doctor put me on diet pills. I worked out every day and I changed my eating habits. I went from 306 to 220 in 6 months in 2016.

In two years I gained it all back and some more. I went back to work. I was under a lot of pressure and things just kept piling up. So back on meds I went and this time the meds was stronger and now I weigh 312. I don’t know what to do my weigh goes up and down. I don’t feel attractive so I have given up on dating and decided to work on me.

So if you are reading this, I would accept any advice you can give me. Diet recommendations etc….

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